春踊る プリーツスカート でお出かけ

プリーツスカート が好き。
動く度に、軽やかに揺れる感じとかシルエットとか。とにかく、私は プリーツスカート が好き。

Spring Dance with a Pleated Skirt

I love pleated skirts.
The way they sway lightly every time you move, the silhouette. Anyway, I like pleated skirts.

春の陽射しを感じたら、これを着ようと決めていた ビビットカラー の プリーツスカート 。元気が出るフレイムカラーは、ネットショップで一目惚れ。

I had decided to wear this vivid-colored Pleated skirt as soon as I felt the spring sunshine. I fell in love with this energetic flame color at first sight at an online store.
Since the bottoms are gorgeous, I kept the top simple.

今日は陽射しに誘われて、お気に入りの器を探しに宝ヶ池近くにある HOTOKI さんへと足を伸ばす。
HOTOKI さんに並ぶのは、大好きな清水焼ブランド TOKINOHA の器。どんな料理にも合わせやすくデイリーで使えるのが嬉しい。

Today, the sunshine lured me to HOTOKI near Takaragaike in search of my favorite pottery.
HOTOKI offers Kiyomizu-yaki brand TOKINOHA tableware, a favorite of ours. I was delighted to find that they are easy to match with any dishes and can be used on a daily basis.
I came here to look for new dishes for the new season.

HOTOKI のテラスでひと休み。お気に入りのリネンバッグを椅子にかける。

Take a break on the terrace of HOTOKI. I hang my favorite linen bag on the chair.
It has a cute colon shape and is convenient because it can hold a lot more than it looks.

プリーツスカート は、形状加工 で座ってもしわにならないのがうれしい。春の訪れを感じながら、ぼんやりと空を眺めて、風を感じる。

The pleated skirt is shape-processed so it does not wrinkle when you sit down. With the arrival of spring in the air, you can feel the breeze and look at the sky in a blur.
It is a gentle time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by clean air and free from everyday life.

さて、お気に入りの器を探しに行こう。軽やかに階段を上がる。プリーツ が揺れる。春風がそっと吹き抜けた。

Now, let’s go looking for our favorite vessels. I go up the stairs lightly. The pleats swayed. A spring breeze blew through gently.

この春から、一人暮らしを始めるって話してたから、引越し祝いをプレゼントしようかと、今日もまた HOTOKI を訪れた。

The other day, I found a favorite piece of pottery. When I showed it to my friend, she was so envious that she kept picking it up and looking at it with a smile.
I visited HOTOKI again today to present her with a housewarming gift, as she told me she was going to start living alone this spring.
It was warmer in Kyoto than the other day. The footsteps of spring were beginning to be heard.

今日の プリーツスカートは、雪解けのように美しい繊細な色彩が見事な一着。
草木を使った染色にこだわる 宝島染工 が生み出す、お気に入りのスカート。墨と柿渋で染め上げた優しいまでのコントラスト。

Today’s Pleated skirt is a stunning piece with delicate colors as beautiful as melting snow.
This favorite skirt is produced by Takarajima Dyeing, a company that insists on dyeing with plants and trees. Dyed with sumi ink and persimmon tannin, the contrast is gentle to the touch.
The pleats sway with every movement, lightly announcing spring.
Wear it casually with sneakers. The casual, carefree look is adorable.


Thinking of someone and choosing a gift makes me so happy.
I can’t hide my excitement because I want to see their smiling faces. I pick up the bowls lined up in a row and think about them.


The silhouette falls perfectly. The elastic waist makes it easy to put on and go.
This dress can be worn casually or elegantly, is very convenient, and can be enjoyed in as much fashion as you like.



Let’s do this.

I can see her pleased smile. I hope that the bowl that I choose will accompany her in her new life. I wish that it will be a part of her new life.

春が来る。私の心が踊る気持ちを、 プリーツスカート が軽やかに揺れて伝えてくれる。

Spring is coming. My pleated skirt lightly swaying to convey the feelings that make my heart dance.
The season is coming when I can look forward to both time at home and going out. The exciting spring is coming.

自然シボ プリーツスカート
宝島染工  別注  自然シボ プリーツスカート 雪どけ  / 15,950yen(税込)

■Pleated Skirt with Natural Grains
Takarajima Dyeing special order pleated skirt with Snowdrift / 15,950yen(tax included)

TEL : 075-781-1353
営業時間 : 金・土・日・祝 10時-18時(※11:30~12:30 Close)

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