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The founder of Yamashiro, Nobuo Hie had established a textile company. Back then, the company was not manufacturing the crape. Instead, they used to manufacture dress shirt, embroidery, and leather sewn products.

The founder sees the possible future demand for the crape-textile products, which was still considered as a higher-end products. As a result, pushed by the rapid economy growth in Japan, they had contributed to the distribution of the crape-textile products.

The small company with a small factory changes its company name from "Yamashiro Houkoujo" to "Yamashiro Co., Ltd."

Introduced by "Azu Co., Ltd.; "Takemura Shouten" at the time, the company moves its product force to "Kunisaki, Ohita," where they had overflowing workforce.

Musashi-cho factory of Yamashiro, which is in the next town. Starts.

The first 100% original product line is started. The trademark was registered in the same year.

The main office in Kyoto gets renovated to start selling the original products.

Produce amenity goods with the collaboration of Tawaraya hostelry.

Thanks to the introductions on many magazines and other media form, our product started lining up in some of the major department stores.

Collaboration with many companies and different brands, more of our original products are created and infrastructure for OEM products gets ready.

Yamashiro's leisure pants that we have been manufacturing for the past 60 years "Suteteco" becomes very popular. To meet the demand, we have started selling to international customers whom we ship our products via EMS..

Company Outline

Company name … YAMASHIRO co.,ltd

Chief executive … Yoshiyuki Hie


[central office]
539 asakuracho tominokouji sanjyo sagaru
nakagyouku Kyoto Japan 〒604-8074
tel 075-221-4456 / fax 075-221-4506
mail info@yamashiro.biz
URL http://yamashiro.biz

[Kunisaki Factory]
4290 hama kunisakicho kunisakishi Ooitaken

[Musashi Factory]
1200 furuichi musashicho kunisakishi Ooitaken

Date of establishment … 22.october.1965