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  Have you ever heard about suteteco ?

A suteteco is a chizimi textile knee-length pants. Originally these pants were wore under kimonos to make the wearing easier and to absorb sweat from the knees. Of course, these suteteco pants are an original Japanese product.

Where does the name suteteco come from ?
There are two stories about suteteco.

It is said to be born from Rakugo, traditional comic storytelling. Sanyoutei enyou, the first comic storyteller around the year 13 at Meiji period was dancing in a variety-show the dance “suteteco” wearing under his kimono a white pants that could be seen by everybody, these pants became nowadays “Suteteco” pants.

One more theory is that these pants wore under the kimonos could be seen because they were too long. It was not considered very “elegant” so people started to say : “Take away the textile you don’t need”. suteteco is a pun formed from the verb suteru which means to throw away in japanese.

In fact, none of these theories are really true. There is no trace about this word origin in the archives of the company Yamashiro which have been manufacturing suteteco for the last 60 years. The only thing we are completely sure about is that the suteteco was born in Japan.

Nowadays the suteteco is still wearing under kimonos or suits to absorb sweat. It is also used to stay home, to enjoy your vacation or also as pyjamas. It is a knee-length pants style which is well-established in the Japanese culture. It is not too much to say that the Susuteko is a very traditional item for the Japanese.

Let’s try once, please !

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