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 Kyoto's Cotton-Shrink Textile

The Crepe fabric cotton wrinkle contraction Yamashiro Kyoto Takashima weave

Because the weft yams are intensively twisted, the textile shrinks during the refining process. As a result, the fresh-feeling on your skin last long with superior sweat-absorbent and body residues. Added to the absorbing feature, the textile also dries fast. This woven textile is light and thin elastic textile.

Shrinkage shrinkage crepe fabric bleached material cloth cotton

During the Momoyama period (late-16th century) in Japan, The technique that was used to shrink hemp, cotton, and silk was brought by Chinese. This technique was used to make "Chizimi";the crape textile, which was suitable for Japanese climate. Today, we're the only manufacturer in Japan who distribute Chizimi to all over Japan. With that credited, we now distribute to the "Tawaraya" hostelry in Kyoto.

Hemp shrinkage traditional Japanese kimono fabrics Meiji Taisho era