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Kyoto Traditional Textiles shrinking cotton linen long-established wholesale and retail store Yamashiro kimono

60 years doing business in the ancient capital "Kyoto," where history is sensed. We'd like more people to know how good "Kyo-chizimi (crepes)" is. Because we want you to actually feel our material in your hands, We've opened up our shop in a corner of our company in 2006. We're one of the only few manufacturer that sells Kyo-chizimi (crape) fabric today. In the shop, there are various samples and limited items that are not on our website. Also limited in our Kyoto store, we have 1,500yen color pants. Please don't hasitate to come by when you are in the area Sincerely, We look forward to see you soon.

539 asakuracho tominokouji sanjyo sagaru
nakagyouku Kyoto Japan 604-8074

Telephone 075-221-4456

Store hours 11:00 - 7:00

Store holiday December - February