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Kyo-Chizimi's fast-dry

In the shadow, 20 min. natural drying precess of a Chizimi textile after a wash, without wringing. Regular T-shirt would take about twice as long time to dry.

Capillary action, or capillarity; is a ability of a liquid to flow against gravity where liquid spontaneously rises in a narrow space such as a thin tube, or in porous materials such as paper or in some non-porous materials such as liquified carbon fibre.


Kyo-Chizimi's retractility

This is the result of the effect that occurs because of the twist refining process of big sheet of textile; Hard twisted yam threaded to the weft tries to shrink back. The undulation of the textile surface provides the cool sensation of the Kyo-Chizimi.


Light-weight of Kyo-Chizimi

Weight comparison with a conventional T-shirt. Kyo-Chizimi only weighs half as much because the thread used to make the T-shirt is a lot thinner. Making the textile breathy and soft.


Thinness of the Kyo-Chizimi

The pictures are showing that the Kyo-Chizimi is a lot thinner than the conventional T-shirt. This was made possible because of the fine-thread which was significantly shrunk down in the twist refining process. Making the shirt light and sturdy so that's easier on your body. "Sweat-absorbent, Fast-dry, Fresh-feeling and Light weight" Kyo-Chizimi is a revolutionary textile that changes the concept of the conventional cotton-textiles.